Children Of Jerusalem is my urge to story tell my experience where I had a big realisation understanding that we human beings believe in histories and we identify ourselves in them so much that we think that the people who does not believe or think like us are “enemies”

I am also forever grateful that I had the chance to be there numerous times and experience such a charged place with so much history.

Children Of Jerusalem its an On-Going project where I want to basically document people from 0 to 21 years showing how different their believes and realities can be living in the same city and sharing the same piece of land.

Humans…. Just humans with the exactly same necessities.


Pixeling Cities is a project I started in Barcelona where the main idea is to document the urban life in 21st century giving a perspective of abundance but also poverty in its whole spectrum.

The city life became a life where the human being is the only living creature who has an importance.

The idea of this project is to slowly slowly implement green areas and more awareness in the cities where we can live in more harmony with nature everywhere.
If we could just have more green interaction in the cities, it would be a completely different experience.


Cholitas is a project that is based in the Andean culture of Los Andes, specifically, La Paz, Bolivia.

Cholitas has always been a strong part of the culture in the high parts of Bolivia where they have the same way to dress and they are an important part of their families core.

They are strong and have a big role in society selling in the streets everything from food to clothes and all the necessities you could imagine.


Mitsubishi Norway it is a job where I had the opportunity to drive the latest 4X4 cars of this brand in a frozen lake in Norway.

Beside that I made a short presentation video of an event hosted by Mitsubishi where different people came in order to try the cars in snow and ice.